Canada Trip Jul/Aug 06

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Little Cedar Lake

Last week we travelled about an hour and a half North of Ottawa into Quebec to stay at a cottage we rented at Little Cedar Lake close to a town called Maniwaki. The drive up was through some beautiful countryside, lots of trees and small farms and very green at this time of year.

Here is a picture of the cottage we stayed at.

The girls, Sarah, Jordyn and Sophie spent a lot of time in the water swimming etc. There was a small runabout provided with the cottage so we could take trips out on the lake. Earl also towed the blow up turtle behind the boat so the girls could get a ride.

Sarah, Mandy, Bron and Earl enjoying the lakeside.

The location was very beautiful and peaceful and we had a very relaxing time. The sunsets were stunning.

Bron enjoying the setting sun and looking beautiful.

The temperature was a lot cooler than down in Ottawa but very pleasant. the weather was quite variable and we had a few overcast days and some rain. We spent quite a bit of time in the evenings around the campfire, talking, singing and roasting marshmellows. It was magic.

Bron and Earl.

Earl and Mandy enjoying an intimate moment.

We enjoying experiencing the local wildlife. We had some cheeky chipmunks scooting around looking for food etc. Bron got this gorgeous shot of a chipmunk.

We heard some amazing sounds at night made by loon birds. They have this most mournful cry that echos around the lake at night. It just the most incredible sound that conjures up a real sense of the outdoors and the wilderness. Its sort of like the howling of wolves. We saw quite a few loon birds on the lake and tried to get decent photos of them, but they are very shy. When you try and get close they will dive under the water and swim quite a way underwater to get away.

Here's Robin out on a boating excursion around the lake.

The area is dotted with lots of lakes and we drove to a couple of other lakes where they had nice walks and cycle tracks. There is a beautiful walk next Blue Sea lake that we went on a couple of days. The cycle/walk track runs by the lake for several kilometres. In winter they use the track for snowmobiles. The whole countryside and throughout Canada is covered with these cycle/snowmobile tracks. Its an amazing network and facilty that people can use.

Not long after we started on this walk by the Blue Sea Lake one day, thunder and lightning started in the hills on the other side of the lake. The thunder and lightning got closer and closer until it was all happening directly above us. It started to rain and Bron and Rob were caught out in the middle of it with lightning and thunder crashing directly overhead. Rob found it very exciting but Bron was really scared. Earl and Mandy picked us up in their car just before the heavens opened up and the rain absolutely poured down causing torrents of water to run down the streets.

The area is very beautiful with some great scenes like this one below.

So it was a great time and the lake and we thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the variable weather. We had to get back to Ottawa a day early because Bron broke one of her fillings and developed really bad toothache, so we had to take her to an emergency dentist to get that seen to.


  • At 12:53 PM, Blogger Katherine said…

    Great pictures. Had a hot sunny week here too, believe it or not. Whole week no rain.


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