Canada Trip Jul/Aug 06

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shopping, Beaver Lake, Petrie Island

On Wednesday we had a rest day (from cycling) and a day of retail therapy going around some of the shops and malls in Ottawa. They have some big stores similar to The Warehouse back in NZ with heaps of stuff available. A lot of the clothes are made in Bangladesh!!.

They have some amazing special purpose stores like Ikea which is a huge warehouse catering for all your home furnishing and fitting needs. Quite an incredible range of stuff. It was interesting looking through the mall shops and the range of different goods and clothes available.

We also had coffee and donuts at Tim Hortons which is a popular Canadian fast food chain. So a nice relaxing day was had by all.

On Thursday Earl took Bron and I out for a bike ride to a beaver lake about 4km from Earl and Mandy's place. Earl took us through some relatively rough terrain and both Bron and Rob canned off. No serious damage though apart from wounded pride! Below is a picture of the beaver lake. You can see the beaver mound in the middle of the pond. We didn't see any beavers though. Apparently they are very shy. It was a nice ride through some beautiful woods and forests. The trails were a bit muddy after the heavy rain we had last night.

After lunch we went for a drive to Petrie Island on the Ottawa River downriver of Ottawa city to have a swim. However the beach was closed because the coliform levels were really high after the heavy rain last night. They normally close the beach when the level goes over 100. The level was over 750!!! Downriver of a big city is not a good place to be after heavy rain!!! The reserve area is beautiful though with lovely lily ponds and walks you can go on. The following photos show some of the wildlife and sights we saw.

We then went to Brittania Beach, our favourite spot, for a swim to cool off. This beach is upriver of the city so its not affected so much by the city runoff. A very enjoyable day.


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