Canada Trip Jul/Aug 06

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Last Days in Canada

On Friday morning Earl took us on a cycle ride from Ontario to Quebec (i.e. across the bridge over the Ottawa river) and we rode next to the river for 5 or 6km. The path goes through lots of trees, so it was very pleasant and cool. A couple of photographs below demonstrate.

On Friday afternoon we went shopping at the Bayshore Mall and picked up a few clothing bargains plus a really nice kitchen knife which was on special.

On Friday night we went with Earl and Mandy into the centre of the city and had a fabulous meal at an Italian restaurant. We then went and watched some busking acts on Sparks St. There is an international busking festival happening here at the moment.

So we had a great last evening with Earl & Mandy. The 3 weeks here have gone by really quick, but have been thoroughly enjoyable. Mandy & Earl have been great hosts and its been great to catch up with the family.

Impressions of Canada and Ottawa

Canada, or the bits we saw of it, is a great place and Ottawa is a lovely city.
Things we liked:
  • beautiful trees and greenery
  • fantastic cycle tracks both in the city and suburbs and in the forest areas
  • lovely old government buildings
  • the nice warm weather
  • nice shops
  • good food
Not so good things:
  • the humidity
  • biting insects and mosquitos about 10 times the size of those in NZ!
Overall we loved Canada and will definitely be back. Next trip we will come in Autumn when its a bit cooler and the trees have all started to change colour.


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