Canada Trip Jul/Aug 06

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kentucky Adventures

We've had a good couple of days in Kentucky. Monday morning our niece Michelle took us on a short hike to some falls. However there was no water coming over the falls, but it was a beautiful walk through the Kentucky forest.

After lunch Glennis and Michelle took us on a tour of some of the shops around town. There are some absolutely beautiful handcrafts available: weaving, pottery, painting, glass, sculpture, furniture, woodturning, you name it they have it here.

Michelle and Glennis in the Glass Studio.

Late afternoon we drove down south of Berea to Cumberland Falls in a state park area. At midnight we got up and went down to the falls to see the moonbow. This is only one of two places in the world where you can see the equivalent of a rainbow produced by the moonlight on the spray from the waterfall. At first the moon was clouded over, but once the clouds went away we managed to see a faint white arc of the moonbow. The atmosphere at the moment is very hazy so the moon wasn't all that bright so the moonbow wasn't at its best. But we did manage to see it.

The next morning we went and explored the falls in the day time. Its a very beautiful area.

Paul in full stride.

Glennis and Paul


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